$50 Off Adoptions of Senior Pugs in March

During March, Pug Partners is offering $50 off the adoption fee of any of our senior pugs (9 years or older). Seniors dogs make great companions and easily fit into the lifestyle of many families. 

Pug Partner’s Top Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pug

  1. Most senior pugs are already fully or partially house trained
  2. Many senior pugs already know their basic commands such as “sit” and “stay” 
  3. The average lifespan of a pug is between 12-15 years. Just because a pug is classified as a senior, they may still have many happy years ahead to share with you
  4. Since they’re fully grown, you know what their personality and temperament is 
  5. They’ve grown out of their puppy phase, so they are less destructive on your home and belongings
  6. They require less daily exercise and are often happiest by your side on the couch
  7. By adopting a senior you save 2 lives – the pug you adopt and the next pug who is now able to be rescued because there is a space for them in a foster home
  8. Despite the old saying “Old dogs can’t learn new tricks” older dogs can and do learn new tricks. They have longer attention spans than puppies, so they may even learn new skills more quickly than their younger peers
  9. They already know how to be a part of a pack, and are eager to join yours. There is no love and loyalty like that of a senior pug!

Meet Our Current Seniors Available for Adoption