Who Can Volunteer?

Volunteers must be at least 15 years of age to work without parental supervision, and must enjoy working with all types of people. They must share the same mission and vision as Pug Partners of Nebraska. The ideal volunteer is self-motivated, mature, sensitive, dependable, a team player and reliable. Each volunteer must complete the application at the bottom of this page.

Volunteering for Pug Partners of Nebraska

As Pug Partners continues to grow and flourish the positions of officers, directors, and coordinators within the organization will continue to evolve. As PPN is a relatively new rescue, only founded in December 2008, we are still working to make the rescue run in the most productive and efficient manner possible.

Our volunteers are an integral part of making this happen. We feel the volunteer positions we have designed will help PPN to rescue as many pugs as possible while also keeping the rescue running productively and efficiently.

If you are interested in filling a particular role, we do have a mandatory 60 day introductory period that allows us, and you, to evaluate and decide if the position is the right one for you. During this time we ask that you provide us your constructive feedback to help us evaluate the position, and we too will offer feedback to help you decide whether or not this position may be right for you. At the end of the 60 days we will meet and assess whether or not this position is a good fit for you within our organization.

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers must complete a basic orientation session as scheduled before reporting to their first assignment. This can be done by attending the next scheduled Core Meeting or arranging a time to meet with the respective Committee Coordinator. Additional training may also be required if deemed necessary.

As a volunteer representing Pug Partners of Nebraska, your conduct and interaction with the officers, directors and other volunteers and the public is expected to always be professional and courteous. By volunteering you are making a commitment to the organization and pugs to carry out, to the best of your abilities, the tasks you have pledged to perform.

Our Volunteer Code of Ethics

  • As a volunteer for Pug Partners of Nebraska, I will agree to represent and promote their mission and policies in full.
  • As a volunteer for Pug Partners of Nebraska, I will recognize my limitations and those of others, set boundaries for myself and hold myself accountable for the commitments I undertake.
  • As a volunteer for Pug Partners of Nebraska, I will treat my fellow volunteers with respect and compassion.
  • As a volunteer for Pug Partners of Nebraska, I will communicate effectively with others within the organization and advise Officers and Directors of relevant information regarding my volunteer position.
  • As a volunteer for Pug Partners of Nebraska, I will ensure that my personal pets are up-to-date on needed vaccinations and are in good health prior to attending any public events.

Volunteer Committees

Foster Committee

Coordinator: Terra Henggler
Orientate and manage foster homes. Get foster families the supplies they need (crates, harness/leash, food, etc.). Recruit for new foster homes.

Adoption Committee

Coordinator: Kristi Jacobs
Screen applicants for best fit for pugs. Complete phone interviews, home visits and check references.

Medical Committee

Coordinators: Amy Wilde & Barbi Marsh
Maintain medical information and provide support to intake committee or foster homes.

Intake Committee

Coordinator: Terra Henggler
Coordinate new pug’s entrance into the rescue. Visit one of Pug Partners approved vets to review pug’s condition. Communicate with foster and medical coordinators. Provide detailed information on intake form.

Media Committee

Coordinator: Rachel Balkovec
This committee is by far the largest and most needed. Maintain Facebook fan and friend pages, website, PetFinder, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blog, etc. Manage updates on pugs, photos, and answer questions sent in via Facebook. This committee will be broken down based upon specific function.

Volunteer Committee

Coordinator: Terra Henggler
Recruit new members to help within the rescue. Review applications, analyze expertise and personality traits to see what applicant fits into the best committee.

Fundraising Committee

Coordinator: Position Open
Organize and attend fundraising events.

PR/Advertising Committee

Coordinator: Position Open
Advertise events and promote adopt-don’t-shop education via social media and events.

Event Committee

Coordinator: Kristi Jacobs
Organize adoption events, community events, POW and Curly Tails and Cocktails.

Ready to Volunteer?

Volunteer Application

  • If you are willing to volunteer for Pug Partners of Nebraska, please mark which items you are interested in helping with.
    Let us know what you would like to help us with