Surrender a Pug

Emergency Information

If this is an emergency situation, please contact our voicemail line and ask for the Intake Coordinator to contact you. Our toll-free number is 1-888-509-1940.

Giving up a pug

We understand there are many reasons why people cannot always keep their pets and we appreciate that they look to our rescue for help to rehome their pug. We work with families surrendering the pug to ensure that it is truly their decision, without any pressure from anyone in our rescue.

Every pug that comes into our care will be:

  • vet checked
  • spayed or neutered
  • vaccinated
  • treated for any medical conditions
  • cared for in foster care in the private homes of volunteers

Any health and behavior information that can be provided at the time of surrender is extremely important. This information helps us determine which foster home would be suitable to care for them, lets us treat any medical needs right away, and lets us know what problem behaviors to watch for and address. 

All pugs stay in foster care until a suitable forever home is found.

Additional Information

Q. Where do you accept surrendered pugs from?
A. We will accept pugs from Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota. We will also accept pugs from other states neighboring Nebraska on a case-by-case basis. If you live further away, please see our list of other pug rescues to see if there is another rescue closer to where you live.

Q. Do you ever euthanize surrendered pugs?
A. We never euthanize pugs due to lack of space in the rescue. On rare occasions, pugs may be euthanized due to a severe illness or medical condition if they are beyond treatment and they have poor quality of life. Pugs that develop terminal medical issues may be kept as a long-term foster so they can live out their days in a safe home and the rescue can ensure they receive proper medical care for as long as possible.

Q. Do you make money on surrendered pugs?
A. Pug Partners of Nebraska is a non-profit organization made up entirely of volunteers who genuinely love pugs. We typically spend more on veterinary care for the pugs than we receive in adoption fees (in 2017 we spent an average of $400 per dog on vet bills). We help re-home pugs because we want to ensure they are able to find a great forever home, not because of any financial incentive.

Q. Is there a fee or cost to surrender a pug?
A. There is no fee or cost to surrender your pet. We do accept freewill donations from owners giving up their pet, but it is entirely optional and not required.

Q. How can I be certain you will find a good home for my pug?
A. Pug Partners of Nebraska has a thorough adoption process that includes reference checks and a home visit/interview with all potential adopters. We truly want to find the perfect forever home for every pug we rescue.

Q. Do you accept pugs with medical and/or behavioral problems?
A. Generally, yes. Please be honest when filling out the surrender application. If a pug has special needs due to a health problem or behavior problem we would like to know upfront so we can place them in an appropriate foster home and schedule any necessary vet appointments right away.

Q. Do you accept pug mixes?
A. We generally do not accept pug mixes. Please visit the Nebraska Rescue Council to find a rescue that may be able to help you rehome your breed of dog.

If you have found a lost/stray pug:

Please contact your local animal shelter prior to contacting Pug Partners of Nebraska. Quite often, owners of lost pets have contacted these agencies looking for their pugs. Additionally, shelters (and most veterinarians) can scan the pug to see if it is microchipped and reunite it with its owner. We will happily accept found pugs once preliminary efforts to find the owner have failed.

Surrender Form

We want this transition to be as painless and easy as possible for you and your pug. Please do not hide any medical conditions or behavioral problems from us. Honesty is the best policy! The information given in this form will be used to assist us in the proper course of medical treatment and in finding the proper foster family, until we find their new forever home.

If you have a pug that you wish to relinquish to Pug Partners of Nebraska, please click the button below to fill out the surrender form.