Bella was rescued from a terrible situation. She was one in about 20 dogs in a small hotel room in eastern Nebraska. She was left in a cage for weeks with no food and no water. The irresponsible lady who “owned” these dogs also dropped off another 30 dogs in a field out in the middle of nowhere Nebraska. She was caught and will hopefully being going to jail for the harm she put all these poor dogs in.

Bella went to the Central Nebraska Humane Society after they found all the dogs. She was skin and bones and did not want to be around people. After a few weeks a family adopted her, but they returned her because she was ‘un-potty trainable.’

After that we got into contact with the shelter and arranged to pick her up. We made the long drive out to Grand Island and finally found the shelter. When we got there she was one of the cutest little pugs we had ever seen. It was love at first sight for Kathy (her soon to be new mom).

Bella was about 3 years old and weighed just under 15 pounds when we got her. Now she is well on her way to weighing closer to 20 pounds. Since her puppyhood was taken from her, she has decided it is finally time for her to let it out! She is a wild, loving, crazy little girl who is loved by all who meet her!

August 16, 2010

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