Name: Bertha

Age: 6

Previous Life: Owner surrender

Sex: Female

Weight: Unknown

Altered: Yes

Housebroken: Doing well

Good with dogs/cats/kids: Unknown/Unknown/Unknown

Likes: Toys!


Bertha is doing great she is very affectionate and she loves her toys she also loves to sit in the recliner with me.
She has not ever jumped on any of the furniture you have to pick her up, when you pick her up she gets so excited she wants to get up my your neck and give your chin kisses. She is is doing great at going outside to potty.

Bertha is Adopted!

We didn’t keep her name. We chose Bella which I know is very common but I just love it so much! Technically, her name is Bella Luna. :)

She is adjusting so well! She is so funny and knows our routine. She puts up with the kids and is just a sweetheart! I’m head over heels in love with her!


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November 27, 2011

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