Betsy Blair

Betsy Blair - Adoptable through Pug Partners of Nebraska!
Betsy Blair – Adoptable through Pug Partners of Nebraska!

Name:  Betsy Blair
Age:  2
DOB:  10/30/2013
Previous Life:  Puppy Mill
Sex:  F
Weight:  15 lbs
Altered:  Yes
Housebroken:  All most
Good with dogs/cats/kids:  Yes/Unknown/Unknown
Likes:  Cuddling and Kisses
Dislikes:  Getting used to the real world
Crate trained:  No

Unlike my movie star namesake, I was born in Missouri which in fact is the location of the puppy mill in which I was rescued from.  But from what I have researched like my name sake, I am tremendously loving, loyal, friendly,  playful, fun, and I love to nibble on toes.  In less than a week of freedom I gained the friendship of three (3) pugs, in what is called a NORMAL household.  They have taught me to navigate up and down the stairs and around the yard.  I surprised my new mom when I walked through the doggy door one day.  Now I go in/out to go potty on my own.  And I enjoy playing and rolling around in the green fuzzy stuff outside they call “grass”.  Well I’ll catch up with you later I’m going to go play.


July 28, 2015