Name: Brewster

Age: Around 2

Previous Life: puppy mill

Sex: Male


Altered: Yes

Housebroken: Almost

Good with dogs/cats/kids:

Likes : his foster sister, treats, outside


Brewster is a fawn male pug, believed to be around two years old. After being rescued from a Nebraska puppy mill, Brewster was neutered and underwent surgery to correct his left knee before being placed in a foster home in Lincoln, Nebraska.

As a result of his unfortunate upbringing in the puppy mill, Brewster is still very unsure of himself around people, and will need some time to learn that not all humans are as frightening as those he has encountered. He is already making some progress, though. He recognizes his name and will come when called, but usually keeps his distance a bit. He has taken treats out of his foster mom’s hand and seems to have a pretty healthy appetite. Brewster just adores his foster sister, a very submissive pug, and would probably thrive in a forever home where he has a canine friend or two to keep him company.

Aside from people, Brewster is not afraid of much. He loves going outside on the leash to explore, and when he’s outdoors, he totally forgets how scared he usually is and transforms into a playful, curious little guy. He loves to play with his foster sister and his chew toys. Even though he is still recovering from his knee surgery, Brewster is quite active. The vet who treated him has said that Brewster’s prognosis is excellent, and he should regain full mobility and use of his leg once rehabilitation is complete.

Brewster is working on housebreaking, and almost always goes to the bathroom right away when taken outside, though he still has his share of accidents. Brewster sometimes needs reminders about what he can and can’t chew on, but is easily redirected. He is comfortable being crated, but also spends time gated in his foster mom’s puppy-proofed kitchen so he can have more room to move around and help his joints heal. Right now, Brewster’s priorities are learning how trust people and feel safe in his foster home, recovering from surgery, and eating well so he can put on a couple extra pounds to get to a healthy pug weight.

If you think Brewster might be the right dog for you, please fill out an adoption application.

August 15, 2010

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