Cami – Adopted

PLEASE READ Cami’s ENTIRE bio before applying.

Cami is just a BABY and is going to require ongoing care for her mobility issues. Our mission is to find her a home who can and will provide this – for her ENTIRE life.

Cami’s front legs are malformed, both permanently bent at 90 degrees, as if she were bowing down (in a play bow). This does hinder mobility, but not much. She has met with an orthopedic vet and it is recommended she continues monthly checkups as she continues to grow…..and beyond. Her ideal forever home will have access to a reputable doggy chiropractor who can continue treatments as required.

Diet: It will be extremely important for Cami to follow a strict and balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight that is ideal for her size. Overweight pugs have difficulty breathing and moving and that is without having a permanent mobility issue. Her forever family will need to be cognizant of this and required to feed a food from our approved food list.

Daily needs: Each leg and shoulders needs to be stretched for about 10 minutes per day.

Name: Cami
Age: 10 months
Previous Life: Breeder release
Sex: F
Weight: 4.8 lbs.
Altered: Yes
Housebroken: No, but I’m working on it!
Good with dogs/cats/kids: Yes/Unknown/Yes
Likes: Anything called a “treat,” chasing and wrestling with my pug roomies.
Dislikes: None
Crate trained: Yes, but I won’t go in willingly. Once I’m in though, I’m fine.
Requires Fenced Yard: Yes
Requires Other dogs: Yes, I need a young fur brother or sister in my forever home

Hi everybody!!

My name is Cami and I AM A PUPPY! I am 10 months old and I am unique! No one else has moves like I do…let me explain……

My front legs didn’t develop like the rest of the puppies, so I’m always crouched, ready to play. The docs say my condition is permanent, but don’t think I’ve let this slow me down or get in my way – I can keep up with both my foster brother & sister and usually give them a run for their money! I love tearing through the house or around the coffee table. I’m just not as graceful as the other two. I can navigate a few stairs, but anything over 1 or 2 is more than I want to try. I like going outside, but I’m not a fan of going on walks because they are a bit more than my legs can handle. BUT, if you have a stroller where I can safely ride – I’m game for all the walks you want to take me on! I’m told I need a fenced in yard because I’m an “escape artist” – whatever that means. I also need a young fur brother or sister in my forever home to play with and make me happy!

Oh, also, I’m not setting any new fashion trends. The small neoprene brace I have on is to help protect/cushion my elbows – and I appreciate it!

So, if you’re looking for a wiggly love bug to sit on your lap and scoot around the table, I’M YOUR FOREVER GIRL!

Do I sound like the perfect companion for you? Fill out an application today!

Interested in adopting?  Cami’s minimum adoption donation is $500.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our adoptable dogs are not adopted on a first come, first serve basis. We match the dog with their right family. Please read all of their bio’s before applying and if you feel you and your family are a fit, then please read about our adoption procedures.

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September 4, 2018