Name: Dory

Age: 2

Previous Life: Owner Surrender

Sex: Female


Altered: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Good with dogs/cats/kids: Yes/Unknown/Yes

Likes: To play!

Dislikes: Unknown

Foster home update- We’ve only had her for a little over 24 hours but she has showed her personality. She loves to be around people and gets very excited when you come home. She’s very well potty trained. She holds it until she gets outside and goes fairly quickly once she’s out there. She tries to play with her foster brothers and is very good with kids. She has no problems with letting the 4 year old and 16 moth old that I babysit pet her. She even gave the 16 month old kisses. She likes to sit on the top of the couch and watch out the window. I think she’d do better with an active family either as a single dog or with dog siblings. Oh yeah, she snores ;D

Dory is Adopted!

February 12, 2013