Name: Ernie
Age: 5 years old
Previous Life: Family surrendered to a Humane Society in Northern Iowa
Sex: Male
Altered: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Good with dogs/cats/kids: Yes
Likes: Giving and getting love
Dislikes: Certain foods give him an upset tummy

Hi my name is Ernie. I am 5 years old and was a home surrender. I think I was surrendered because I was considered to be too active. My mom says that I am only a little more active than the average pug and mainly just because I want attention and love. Once I have received my share of love, I am happy to relax with a good bone or on a lap to sleep.

My mom says I am a really good boy because I am potty trained and come when called. They tell me I need more exercise because my back legs are a little weak. It doesn’t bother me any. I jump up on laps and can easily go up and down the stairs. Since my back legs are weak, I don’t really jump up on people to get their attention, instead I bite their clothes softly to get their attention. My mom says this isn’t polite, so I am working on changing to another method. I like to lick, so maybe that will work instead.

I really love my food and will try to eat anything within reach, but my foster mom doesn’t let me eat anything other than my special food since I had some stomach issues when I was first rescued. My stomach feels all better, and you wouldn’t know I ever had a problem.

My foster mom puts me in a crate at night, and I do really well, but I think I would rather sleep with my owner then alone in a crate. I get along well with my foster brother who is also a pug. I also am fine with kids. I can’t wait to find a forever home with someone who has lots of love to give and will be happy to share their lap with me. If you would like to give me a forever home, go to to fill out an application to adopt.

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Ernie’s adoption fee is $300.

October 18, 2010

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