Golda (Delilah)

Golda was rescued by Pug Partners in early 2009 after spending three years of her life as a breeder dog in a Kansas facility. When we first met her, she was in her foster home learning how to trust and love people, and wasn’t entirely sure that strangers were her favorite thing! But she was a sweet and endearing little soul and on April 19, 2009, her foster mom and dad brought her to Lincoln so we could adopt her into our home.

Golda’s resilient nature was apparent right away, as she breezed through introductions with our bossy old Basset Hound, our snoopy little Westie, one old man tomcat and a laid back female kitty. She wasn’t as sure about the people, but considering her hard life at the breeding facility, that was more than understandable.

Every month that Golda lives with us, she comes out of her shell a bit more. Her best buddy in the world is our Westie. He came to our house only a year earlier as a rescue dog from a breeding facility and they love each other’s company. More often than not, they are sitting or laying around together. Golda has found her dream man and his name is Fergus!

Golda is still very tentative around strange people, but that is improving because she goes to group obiedience class where she gets to interact with lots of dogs and people. She loves her daily walk and even has a raincoat to wear when it’s damp. (She’s not so sure about the raincoat, but the people love it!)

As Golda’s vet said the first time she met her, life was probably very hard at the breeding facility, but now she’s found the good life. And it’s very obvious, Golda intends to enjoy every moment — and we’ll do everything to make sure that she has a life fit for a queen!

August 16, 2010

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