My husband and I first locked eyes with our darling little Izzy on the Petfinder.com website last winter. Something about her drew us in and made our hearts smile. I thought that it was a dream that would never happen since we already had a 4 year old pug who had always been an only child. Lilly is our other pug and being the fawn princess that she is it was almost impossible to think that she could share her home, food, toys, and parents with a sibling! Something within told us to go for it.

Before we knew it we found ourselves driving to Omaha to meet Izzy. When we walked into her foster home we were greeted by the worlds cutest snorts and the most loving kisses. We didn’t think that we could fall in love with her any farther after hearing her story of abuse and neglect but we were wrong. All it took was her jumping into our laps and staring into our eyes to know once and for all that she was meant to be in our family.

When you look at Izzy you might see that her eyes constantly have “boogers” and are scarred black on the inside, or that her shinny black coat is starting to gray around her face. You might even be bothered by the fact that she can’t breathe quietly to save her life. But when we look at that girl we see a beautiful pug baby with a wonderful spirit and zest for life. Who wouldn’t love that!

Izzy has made the most wonderful daughter to us and most caring sister to Lilly. The pups get along great (after Lilly laid down the rules when Izzy tried to touch her most prize soccer ball toy). It means so much to us to know that we have been able to provide a loving home for a wonderful dog who deserves it, so thank you!

August 16, 2010

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