Jo Jo

Jo Jo
Jo Jo

Name: Jo Jo

Age: 4

Previous Life: Owner Surrender

Sex: Male


Altered: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Good with dogs/cats/kids: Yes/Unknown/Yes



Joe Joe totally house broke, very spoiled, very loving and loves kids.

Jo Jo is Adopted!

Here is an update from his Furever home:

Jojo has adjusted to life very well. He is a constant cuddler and lap dog. He almost refuses to leave my side at times. However, my parents were in visiting and he started attaching to them too. He just seems to like getting attention, and he will receive plenty with everyone around. His hind legs have also gained significantly in strength, as he now has no issues jumping onto couches/recliners/laps that are two feet high. He seems extremely happy and loved now :)  I am very happy with the decision I made to get him through you guys.

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February 4, 2012