Name: Katie
Age: 8 years
Previous Life: Breeder’s special dog
Sex: Female
Weight: 28 lbs
Altered: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Good with dogs/cats/kids: Yes/Unknown/yes
Likes: Belly rubs
Dislikes: Unsure

She is the sweetest pug you will ever meet and super easy to care for too!  Can’t decide if she would be happier in a home being the only dog or if she would prefer company.  She follows her foster brother, Smash, around all the time and takes his lead in all things pug.  But she craves attention and will jump up to let you know she wants a belly rub.  We are trying to teach her now that jumping on humans is not polite.  She LOVES the dog park and shows zero sign of aggression or the need to be top dog.  Katie gets along with all dogs but has never been introduced to the feline kind.  She has free reign of the house during the day and night.  Katie has had 2 accidents since she has been here, but they were early morning (well, 7 AM is early for us so it was probably our fault).  She sleeps on the floor by our bed but would probably prefer to be in it!  She is amazing with children and infants but really warms up to anyone that will pet her!  She rides in the kennel just fine in the car though sometimes she can be vocal about how lonely it is in there.  This does not persist for more than a minute though.  She also walks on a leash just fine.  She does beg for human food but doesn’t seem interested in it if you offer it to her.  She has access to food all day but only visits the bowl once in morning and night.  She could stand to lose a few pounds but it doesn’t slow her down.  She runs along side her foster brother at the dog park and doesn’t have trouble jumping on the couch for some sunning.  Flights of stairs aren’t her strong point but she has no issues going up and down a few steps.  She really is ready to be placed in her forever home and would be a good match for anyone!

Interested in adopting Katie? Click here!
Katie’s adoption fee is $325

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October 27, 2010

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