We adopted Lady a few days before Christmas. Her foster family told us that she’d been rescued from a puppymill in Missouri around Thanksgiving and that when they first got her, she was scared of everything. However, by the time we adopted her, she was pretty much potty trained, loved her foster family and their resident pug and had learned that belly rubs were the best!

It didn’t take Lady very long to warm up to us and to become part of our family. She follows me everywhere! She even sits on my feet in the morning when I’m putting on my make-up for work. We are pretty sure that Lady thinks she’s one of the kids. If our kids are running around playing, Lady isn’t far behind. She especially loves playing in the backyard with them.

Lady is just the best dog! She loves everyone she meets and greets them with kisses. She is the happiest when she has someone to snuggle with. She is especially fond of my grandpa and will roll over to get her belly rubbed before he can even sit down.

It’s hard to imagine that Lady has been anything but our beloved family dog. She fits into our family so well and is so gentle and patient with our children. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful little friend!


August 16, 2010

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