We just adore Lola! For whatever reason her previous owners could only keep one of the two dogs they had. I don’t know how they chose but we’re glad they chose to let her go. She came to us named Macy but we could never remember it so we had to come up with another name. She was constantly snorting and panting so we started calling her Wheezy. That didn’t stick and somehow Lola popped in my mind. Lola it was (her full name is Lola Falana).

Lola became sister to our pug-mix, Sammy Sue. Boy was she hyper!! I began to wonder if we made the right decision. Even
after time-outs in her crate, it didn’t seem like she was getting it. Holding her on my lap and telling her (gently) to relax did the trick. Six months later the word ‘relax’ still works (most of the time)! It only took her a few days to learn how to use the doggy door and now she and Sammy Sue run in and out together and are thick as thieves. There’s definitely some sibling rivalry but there’s lots of love, too. We can’t imagine our life without Lola!

August 16, 2010

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