I first met Maggie in February of 2009. I immediately fell in love with her. My whole family did! Every day she does something new or funny! When we first got Maggie home, she was quiet, shy, and everything was new to her. We introduced her to our resident dog Peanut who is a little poodle. They were not too sure of each other. All Maggie wanted to do was hang out with me. She loved to lie as close to my head as she could get. I would share my pillow with her at night! When she first came home, she would potty on potty pads, but was not fully potty trained. She also had an arch in her back, probably from being in a kennel so much. She didn’t know how to walk up or down stairs, and she never barked.

But…after some time in her new home, she adjusted well! She now knows how to work the stairs, how to potty outside, how to bark, and how to sit! Most people say that she’s a whole new dog!

Our resident dog Peanut has showed Maggie the ropes!! For about 3 months I never heard Maggie bark…but now Peanut has showed her how to bark and when to bark! It’s so cute! You should have seen my Mom’s face when she first heard Maggie bark!

Maggie does circles when she has to go potty. I will say “Maggie, do you have to potty?” and she’ll run in circles even faster! Even when she’s outside she will do circles before she does her business. She is fully potty trained now!

We trained Maggie to sit. We used lots of treats and she was pretty stubborn. But after a while she figured it out! Now she sits all the time when she thinks you’re going to give her a treat! We are now working on lay down, but it’s not going as smoothly.

Maggie loves to run and play in the back yard. She will chase Peanut around, and on occasion will run right into Peanut! Now, Peanut lies down when she thinks Maggie is going to run into her!
I don’t even notice the arch in her back now. She has also gained a few pounds!! We are so happy to have Maggie, and love to watch her grow every day!!


August 16, 2010

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