Misty came to us like an angel from heaven after we lost our male pug. We see a lot of little bits and pieces of him in her so we know that he had something to do with Misty being placed with us.

She is a joy ! She now can climb the stairs by herself in which she could not do when we adopted her. She weighs 20 pounds now which the vet says is a really good weight for her size. We share toast together in the mornings but I tell her no coffee only toast. She barks now in which she did not do in the first few months we had her. She was house broken in a matter of weeks. She loves to sit outside in the sun on our deck and is happy just being outside for hours.

She sleeps with me at night and I do not need an alarm clock to get me up in the mornings she just knows the smell of coffee brewing her toast time is near. She is truly a joy to have in the family.

She has filled the our hearts with joy, happiness and smiles since she came to us in December 2009 and we are ever so thankful for Pug Rescue for her. We would do it again because once a pug has entered into your life there is nothing like their personality and devotion to you that any other pet could possibly replace.

Misty is truly my best friend!

August 16, 2010

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