Mr. Pickles

Mr. Pickles came to the rescue from a puppy mill. At that time he was called Riley, but he didn’t respond to that name as I’m sure he was never called it. He was a breeder at the puppy mill, and he was just starved for attention. Mr. Pickles was skinny, had such bad skin you could barely touch him below the head, and had worms. After some treatments, good food, and baths, Pickles quickly became a normal, healthy, happy, and active little boy.

The foster parents named him “Yoda,” as he kind of hovers on his front two legs sometimes. We renamed him “Bruno,” but he couldn’t seem to tell the difference between “no” and “Bru-no”. He is such a bouncy, wiggly dog that the name Mr. Pickles appeared in our heads, and it has stuck.

Pickles is a very laid-back dog; he is happy to do whatever you want him to. He gets along well with his older brother, Shorty. Pickles is much more puppy-like than Shorty, but they play well together. Pickles’ only problem is his indiscriminate appetite. Pickles has eaten whole packs of gum, an entire package of black licorice, compost, tomatoes off the plant, and a half-pound of coffee beans! We’ve had to retrain ourselves to not leave food (or food-like substances) anywhere in the house.

Mr. Pickles is such a sweet dog. He loves to cuddle with you and warms up to new people almost immediately. He’s been a great addition to our family and we’re so thankful that Pug Partners was able to save him from the puppy mill. I’m sure if he could express himself, he would say this also.

August 16, 2010

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