Oscar – Adopted

Name: Oscar
Age: 9
Previous Life: Owner surrender
Sex: M
Weight: 21 lbs.
Altered: Yes
Housebroken: Yes, but wears a belly band to prevent marking
Good with dogs/cats/kids: Yes/Unknown/Unknown
Likes: Napping by his people, exploring the yard, occasionally playing
Crate trained: No, but will tolerate a pen at night
Fenced Yard Required: No
*Special Needs: Separation anxiety – Oscar does not like to be separated from his people, even just from someone leaving the room. Having another dog in the house that he could be close to might help with this. I don’t think his future family has to necessarily be home all day with him since he’s a senior who sleeps a lot, but they should expect to spend a lot of time and attention on him when they are home.
**Special medical needs: Oscar had surgery for hip displasia as a puppy. He gets along fine now, but he does sit “side-saddle”. Would probably be best if his future home keeps an eye out for arthritis in his hips as he ages.

Hi, I’m Oscar, a sweet and sensitive 9 year-old boy.

I’m quite the velcro pug! My favorite thing is to be by your side getting my head scratched. I follow my people everywhere they go around the house and I whine when I feel left out. My ideal home would have people who will shower me with attention and who will let me take part in their activities.

I love to be around people so much that I get upset when I’m left alone. For this reason, I need to be in a home with another dog to cuddle up to, and be my close friend. I get along with friendly dogs of all sizes! I used to be best buddies with a boxer, and I’ve been trying to make friends with a chihuahua in my foster home. I’m a gentle boy and I am very polite about asking other dogs to play. A young puppy might be too energetic for me, but another adult dog would probably be my speed.

I enjoy being outside! Snow doesn’t stop me for exploring the yard, and I like to go for walks when the weather is nice.

I’m a very healthy senior. When I was a puppy I had surgery for hip dysplasia, but I can walk and run just fine now. I still haven’t quite figured out stairs, but I have no problem jumping up onto the sofa to cuddle with my foster mom.

Since I came to my foster home, I haven’t had any accidents, but I have been marking. I didn’t mark in my old house, so my foster mom thinks it’s because I’m still anxious being in a new place. My forever home will need to be patient with me and will need to let me wear a bellyband until I have a chance to settle in.

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February 21, 2019