“Hi! My name is Otis, and I am a 5 month old male pug puppy. I have lots of puppy energy, and I love to run around and play with my pug friends in my foster home. When I’m not busy playing I like to cuddle up on my foster mommy and daddy and give hugs and kisses and take naps. I love attention! The first family I went to live with after I was born couldn’t keep me because one of the kiddos there was allergic to dogs, but they didn’t know about the allergy until after I got there, so they had to give me up. I think maybe I was potty trained before at my old house, but I am having to re-learn where it is okay to potty at my new foster home. My foster mommy says that potty training is an ongoing process with puppies, but all I know is when I go potty outside I get lots of attention and praise and I even get a treat! My foster mommy says I am learning this whole potty training thing pretty quickly.

I am up to date on all of my puppy vaccinations. I have had two puppy de-worming treatments (standard for puppies), 3 distemper vaccinations (standard), and a rabies vaccination (standard), so I have already had all of the vaccinations I need during the first year of life. I haven’t been neutered yet because my vet says I have to be 6 months old before I can have that procedure done, so if I get adopted soon, I won’t be neutered when my new family gets me. The rescue does require that I get neutered though, so if you are interested in adopting me, my foster mommy will probably talk to you about the rescue’s requirements on that.

August 16, 2010

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