Name: Scott

Age: 5

Previous Life: Shelter Release

Sex: Male


Altered: Yes

Housebroken: unknown

Good with dogs/cats/kids: Yes/Yes/Unknown

Likes: LOVE!

Dislikes: Sudden movements

Scott is a total sweetie pie. Looking forward to hearing more about him from the foster home!

-Foster home update He is super-sweet and friendly. If you sit down, you will feel his paws on your knee and see his little face looking up into yours, just begging for some love! If you hold him, you will feel his tail gently batting your arm as he wags it. If you lift him onto the couch next to you, he will pant anxiously for a minute or two before snuggling down next to you. He is prone to what I can only assume are anxiety attacks — he will start panting loudly for a few minutes for no reason, which can make it a little hard to sleep if he’s in your bed. (He does sleep with us and the rest of the dogs.) If you pet him a little, he usually calms right down. He is a little shy; if you make a sudden move and accidentally bump into him, he will scuttle away and sit down a cautious distance from you. He does not do stairs yet and will bump into things, like the refrigerator door, if he does not know it is there. He is working hard on his housebreaking and is the best-natured pug ever — never gets irritated if the other pugs get in his face, even when he’s eating. He gets along well with all dogs and is fascinated by Bronson the cat. He will follow Bronson around the house with his nose glued to Bronson’s tail. Scott eats well out of his bowl of dry dog food softened with water, but he does not understand the concept of treats. Just can’t seem to grasp that he should take it out of your hand.


December 10, 2012