Shurlock was the final piece that our family was missing. We tried fostering several female pugs in the past, and our resident female pug Guppy couldn’t seem to get along. We then decided to try fostering a male. We were so nervous when we were on our way to pick him up, we had no idea the kind of shape that he was in and only knew he was a male. He was very ill when he came to our house and slept non stop for the first two weeks. But overall, he was quite the trooper and was back up normal in no time. Even though we were told Shurlock was 4 years old, it seemed like daily life was all so new. His legs where not strong enough to jump onto the couch, or make it up an entire flight of stairs. The biggest thing we are still working on are his social skills with larger groups of people, but other than that he is just a normal little boy that his sister guppy just adores. Now, he has had his first real birthday party with a bone shaped cake, a wardrobe and a toy chest fit for a king. He is a complete daddy’s boy and follows Cliff wherever he goes but never forgets to stop and give plenty of kisses to his mommy. He loves to take rides in the car and visit his grandma’s house to play with the cats. His sloppy eating and drinking habits would be had no other way, earning him the nickname slobber monster. I truly know he is comfortable and that he knows he will never have another worry in the world. He is our little cassanova and we love him with all our hearts.

August 16, 2010

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