My son and I adopted Sydney from Midwest Pug Rescue Christmas 2008. Sydney was very skittish when we first got him. He would get startled easily and bark at everything. Also, he was 3 years old and never potty trained! I can only imagine the filth he must have lived in before! It took several long months but he is finally potty trained.

Sydney attached to me immediately. As soon as I would pick him up, he would snore and fall asleep in a trance like state. He was just so grateful anytime I would pay attention to him.

My son and Sydney didn’t get along to well in the beginning since my son is loud and rambunctious. After around a month, I noticed Sydney started to wag his tail. I knew then he was getting used to us. Now my son and Sydney are best buds! They chase each other around the house like two crazy kids! It’s so fun to watch my son laugh hysterically at our dog. My son has even called me from his dads’ house just so he could talk to Sydney . I would put the phone to Sydney ‘s ear while my son would tell Sydney how much he missed him.

We recently had a birthday party with 9 kids running around chasing him. He didn’t bark or even growl once. He was patient and seemed to love the attention.

It’s weird but I can’t remember what it was like before we had him. He really is a member of our family.


August 16, 2010

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