After two months of physical therapy, we are happy to report that Tigger is doing AMAZING! Not only did we see huge improvements with his left leg (which is the leg he had surgery on), but we also saw those same improvements with his right leg. The vets have decided that as long as we keep up with his exercises and keep his weight controlled that he does not need the other surgery for now. He may need it in the future, but for now the vets think he is doing too good to risk losing all his progress by doing surgery on the other leg. Tiggers attitude has never been better! He is so happy and so comfortable. Before the operation he moved slowly, and really seemed to be in a lot of pain. Now you would never know that he had knee issues! He runs with the other pugs in his foster home and loves going for walks. We are so excited for all his progress! Now we just need to find him a home that will do his exercises with him and take him on walks daily and most importantly, love the heck out of him (because he is the most lovable pug around).

Tigger is a 7 year old male fawn pug.  He is adapting fabulously to life as a pet in his home. He gets along great with other dogs; he likes to play, but knows when to give the other pets their space. Tigger is very gentle and totally laid-back. He’s not very interested in toys or food—he’d much rather snuggle up in your lap. Tigger loves attention, and purrs like a kitten when you pet him. He’ll take any opportunity to curl up on a comfy pillow and nap. He behaves himself well when his mom is working, and can be trusted to have the run of the house. Tigger is housebroken.  He does great on a leash and enjoys going for walks. Tigger would be a wonderful addition to any family.

August 15, 2010

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