Name: Wendy
Age: 7
Previous Life: Breeder Auction
Sex: Female
Altered: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Good with dogs/cats/kids: Yes/Yes/Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown

Foster home update on Wendy – “We are very excited to have her in our home and learn with her since we are a first time foster Mommy and Daddy. Wendy doesn’t mind her foster brother and sister dogs, her foster brother the cat is a little unsure of her, but Wendy doesn’t mind him. We have found she hates her harness and leash (we are working on this problem). However she does not mind a retractable leash. She loves attention as she has to be wherever her foster people are and she loves sleeping on blankets bunched up next to you. She is pretty special. We currently soak her hard food as she had a bunch of teeth removed, she does okay with it. I will tell more as I learn more.”

“Wendy is also doing very good with going potty outside (only one accident since we brought her home, its been almost a week). She is getting braver and her personality is coming out more. Wendy sleeps on the bed with us and puts her paws under the pillows and her head on the pillow just like her ppl. She also loves to gives kisses.”

Update from foster home – “Wendy is doing amazing. She does well with new faces and kids of all ages (youngest she’s been around being two). Wendy does go on walks, she does play but not much. Wendy is more of a cuddle bug and is happiest when she’s around her people and getting to lay/sleep next to them. I think she would do great in a house that isn’t so active/have a lot going on where they would be gone a lot. Maybe an older couple that travels or is home more often, she does ride well in the car as long as her kennel is faced to the front where she can see her ppl out the front of her kennel.”

Wendy is Adopted!

May 1, 2013