Board Updates

As 2015 came to a close, so did a chapter in the history of Pug Partners of Nebraska. Jessica Ellis, one of the initial founders and president of Pug Partners of Nebraska since its start up, resigned from her active duties with Pug Partners and passed the reigns of leadership to our new president, Kristi Jacobs. We cannot thank Jessica enough for all the hard work and endless hours that she devoted to this rescue over the years, all for the love of a special breed dear to all of us. Her vision and determination, along with countless volunteers, have contributed to the growth of Pug Partners by rescuing and rehoming over 600 pugs into permanent loving homes.

Kristi Jacobs’ name is not an unknown name within the Pug Partners of NE rescue organization. Kristi has been very active with Pug Partners of NE since 2009. She has held many positions starting as a volunteer, then taking on the Adoption Coordinator role in 2011 and added the position of Treasurer to her duties in 2012. We all feel the rescue is definitely in capable hands of helping us to continue to expand, and help even more pugs in need.

Our Board of Directors for the 2016-2018 term include the following volunteers:
Rachel Balkovec
Jen Coe
Terra Henggeler
Kristi Jacobs
Barbi Marsh

Positions held within the rescue include:
President: Kristi Jacobs
Vice President: Rachel Balkovec
Secretary: Larry Mozer
Treasurer: Barbi Marsh
Adoption Coordinators: Kristi Jacobs and Barbi Marsh
Foster Coordinator: Terra Henggeler
Intake Coordinator: Terra Henggeler
Media Coordinator: Rachel Balkovec
Medical Coordinator: Amy Wilde
Volunteer Coordinator: Terra Henggeler

We’re always looking for more volunteers. If you are interested in joining us, please visit our our volunteer page.